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Collaboration - Painting: Alex Charrington††† Alex



Alex worked with Commissions North and the Sponsors Club for Arts & Business to produce large-scale public art commissions for Gatesead College and for Newcastle Building Society.


A significant part of Alexís original proposals was the use of AitMís industrial robots in production of some of the work.†† Photos below illustrate this collaboration and some of its results:


the system & process:


ac02.jpg†††† P4230269adjred.JPG††††PB160445adjred.JPG††††P9210396ared.JPG





ac01red.jpg†††† P6130304red.JPG†††P4230279red.JPG††PB160444red.JPG





P9210406red.JPG††† P9210403adjred.JPG†††P9210393red.JPG†††ac03red.jpg




video taster:view





PB150437adjred.JPG††† P3180576red.JPG††††P3180573adjred.JPG


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