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Manufacture - 3D cutting/milling


Robotic milling of 3D forms from expanded foam -







Landscapes direct from LiDAR:


Birdoswald Roman fort                                                                                                    Ben Nevis & environs


Birdoswaldret.JPG                               BenNevisret.JPG


data courtesy Newcastle University Dept of Geomatics                                                                           data under licence from Ordance Survey

workpiece size 600x900mm, level differences within model approx 90mm                                           workpiece size 500x500mm, level differences within model appx 110mm



Data produced by digital photogrammetry (use of consumer-grade digital cameras):


Rock Art’ - Neolithic or Early Bronze Age carvings



westhortonORIG.jpg            era_whCUTred.JPG


courtesy England’s Rock Art  website  - 1.  photo of original stone insitu                        2.  polystyrene product - workpiece size 500x500mm