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Collaboration - Carving: David Lisser    Dave



Buying Time was a project involving artists partnering with commercial businesses and working for a period of weeks 'embedded' at the business: outcomes from this partnering were then exhibited at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art in Sunderland.  Part One of the project saw artist David Lisser in partial residency at AitM's workshop facilities, first observing but as time progressed exploring and developing a piece to reflect the operational capabilities of one of the robots available.


After some joint iteration of ideas and technicalities, David pursued a Luddite theme and had in mind the iconic image of a figure with a hammer raised to smash a machine. Through the medium of photogrammetry - production of 3D data from multiple digital photographs (consumer grade digital cameras) - and path planning CAD/CAM software the robot was programmed to machine a stylised relief carving of David + pickaxe from lime wood... 


the system & process:


dlBTsshot1.jpg       pmillCU1.jpg       P5210712.JPG

3D model production from photographs                    path planning for cutting                                                             cutting




P3020593.JPG  P4090678.JPG







    P5160704.JPG  P5220717.JPG


    P5220722.JPG  P5220729.JPG








                P7260704a.JPG   P7260707.JPG










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