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Motion Control Photography - Eye Robots 


Eye Robots had been commissioned to provide promotional video material for the cycling element of Go Smarter - the sustainable transport campaign for Tyne & Wear, Northumberland and Co Durham.  Eye Robots approached AitM regarding using a robot to manipulate the video camera - 'motion control photography' to use the film industry term.


AitM provided robot, programming and operation, and the studio space.  Three separate movement sequences were programmed and then in usual motion control photography fashion, the sequences repeated with different subjects wearing a variety of clothing.  In all something like sixty 'takes' were shot for Eye Robots to make the final compilation and merging of the footage into the finished video.



The shoot:


P4200692a.JPG P4200704aW.JPG P4200698asect1.JPG




P4200763aW.JPG       P4200726aW.JPG



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